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A Season of Joy

Now, I didn’t check to see if there is Bible for this, but I have to say it works for me. If I GIVE joy, I almost always RECEIVE joy. From within. A deep, satisfying, contented joy. So, what is the best way to give joy? Now, excuse me if I rant a bit, but I think one way to give joy to others is to grant RESPECT. Wow. Not your typical holiday article topic, huh? You see, I got to thinking about it. Is anyone really more intelligent or “smarter” than anyone else? Does someone’s ability to process information or to read and comprehend quickly place them at a higher level than anyone else?

give joyPerhaps one can get better grades, but the other has musical ability. Perhaps she can walk into a room and see exactly the colors that would complement the room, but perhaps her neighbor can walk into a room and sense a person’s anxiety and minister to her. Are you a gifted singer? Do you grow a prosperous garden? Maybe you thrive in the kitchen. Maybe you are a passionate speaker. Perhaps you are good with numbers and money management. Perhaps your gift is working with children and making them feel important and special. Maybe you have the time and patience to listen as the elderly lady at the nursing home tells her story. On the other hand, maybe you are always on the go and have the fortitude to persevere and see a project completed. Are you a creative mind with a gift to draw? Are you a practical lady that has a beautifully ordered home. I know some ladies that work hard on farms along-side their husbands and have mastered the art of canning. I know other ladies that can manage a bank with a graceful air.

I have determined that I can glean insight and ability from almost every person I meet. They are going to be better than me in some area; therefore, I need to treat them as my superior. This holiday season, which truly IS a season of joy, let us give joy by giving others the respect they deserve. The amazing thing about this concept is, although we don’t give to receive, it almost always comes back to haunt us. In a good way. 🙂

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