The Furnace Works, Time to Use the Thermostat

Ok. It works. For real.  Admittedly, I sometimes doubt, but God does a fine job of showing me I am wrong.  Praying, without a doubt, absolutely, always works. So, what amazing experience convinced me of this truth?  My chili-cheese Frito craving, which lead to a “chance encounter” with a Subway worker.


In church in Beulah yesterday, Michael compared prayer to a thermostat.  A thermostat sends a small, electrical current to a powerful source that can provide enough energy to completely change the temperature of anenvironment. In the same way, our small, seemingly insignificant prayers tap into an All Powerful Source which has the power to change the circumstances of our lives.  I know this in my head, of course, but the experience I had following his teaching reaffirmed this truth in my life.

Last night, after church, in an endeavor to satisfy my craving, we stopped for a fun-food run for the trip home.  While in line at Tesoro/Subway, the talkative worker, who loved Christmas music, asked us if we were Pentecost. I replied in the affirmative and asked how she knew.  She said that she was raised as a United Pentecostal.  Immediately, I asked if her daughter used to work at the gas station, and she said, “Yes.”

Now, I digress.  You see, her daughter was one of the first people I met and invited to church in Beulah when we started having services there, almost two years ago. When I met this nice daughter, she told me that her mom and dad were raised Pentecost. Writing down all three of their names in my prayer journal, I began to pray that God would protect their family and lead them back to truth.

You can imagine my amazement when I got to meet the lady that I had been praying for by name for the past two years, and when I had the opportunity to tell her about my prayers. I was even more astonished when she told me that her husband has been making his way back to a truth-preaching church in Minot.

Apparently, my thermostat works, when I use it. Absolutely, God is faithful. And yes. Always, God answers prayer.

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