sin sickness

The World’s Worst Disease


What is the world’s worst disease? Diabetes? Cancer? Small Pox? Maybe AIDS? The answer may not be what you expect, but the most terrible disease known to man affects us all.

Unfortunately, many people ignore the disease until it is too late. There are many misconceptions about it, because of blindness to the facts.

What disease could be so devastating, and still so many be in the dark about it? The answer: Sin-Sickness. That’s right, the sickness in our souls caused from our sins has separated us from God our Creator and source of life. This separation causes degeneration in our souls and the longer we live the sicker we become.

However, unlike the diseases many typically think of as the worst the world has seen, this disease has a cure. Thankfully, because of Jesus’ precious blood shed on Calvary, we can have our souls completely healed. We then can be connected back to the source of life, Jesus Christ. Death is not an option for those that have their sin taken care of.

Find out what sin is. Turn away from it and turn to God. Have your sins washed away being baptized in the Name of Jesus. Arise to walk in newness of life and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. You won’t be another statistic, but a testimony of God’s mercy and grace! God Bless!

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